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National Educational Access Licence for Schools (NEALS)


  1. What is NEALS?

    NEALS (National Educational Access Licence for Schools) is an agreement between the Commonwealth Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR), the state & territory education departments, and the Catholic and independent school sectors.

    NEALS allows schools to copy and communicate material from each other’s websites and publications for educational use, free of charge.

  2. What is the Purpose of NEALS?

    NEALS is designed to reduce copyright fees paid by educational bodies (departments, associations and dioceses) on behalf of schools under the Statutory Text and Artistic Licence.

    See Education Licence B: Statutory Text and Artistic Licence  for further information

  3. What Does NEALS Cover?

    NEALS applies to print and digital material published by schools and educational bodies eg websites, bulletins etc.

    NEALS does not apply to films or sound recordings such as CDs or MP3 files.

    NEALS covers materials such as non-commercial curriculum materials, administration documents and policy materials

    All material published by member schools, education departments, associations and dioceses (educational bodies) for educational purposes is automatically covered by NEALS unless expressly excluded.

  4. Does mean that other educational bodies and schools will have access to our confidential information?

    No. NEALS does not apply to confidential information. It applies to educational material that is publicly available.

  5. Will NEALS allow my school to copy material, which has been made available under NEALS by another school or educational body for commercial purposes?

    No. If you intend to use the material for commercial purposes you should obtain permission from the other school or educational body and pay an appropriate licence fee.

  6. Does NEALS apply to all States, Territories and school sectors?

    All States and Territories, the Commonwealth Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) and members of the Catholic and Independent schools sectors have joined NEALS.

  7. Can you make materials available under NEALS if you plan to sell them?

    Yes, however the school or educational body should be aware that schools can then purchase one copy and make as many additional copies as they require without further payment to the educational body concerned.

  8. Can a school or educational body include a resource under NEALS which has been written around a text published by a commercial publisher?

    Only if the terms of the contact with the commercial publisher allow it. If the contract is not broad enough to allow the school or educational body to include the material under NEALS it should try and obtain permission from the publisher to do so.

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